Copy paste jobs in India without investment| Start copy-pest job from home without investment

Copy pest job is a more earning job in a short time, in this job, you should know the right website and how to do the right thing. If this happens then you can earn more than 50 thousand rupees per month.

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copy paste jobs in India without investment || Do copy pest work from home and make 20-30k monthly
copy paste job without any investment make money from home
Friends copy / paste job or project are those where you have to copy the data only with the help of your computer and paste it according to the given instructions. For copy-paste jobs, you just need to have basic knowledge of computer so that you can reduce the comfort of 20-30

Where will you get job

Friends, all of you would like to know how and where to get it, for that you have to go to, you have to create an account and when you click on the left hand side then you will see a choice below. Which will be posted on POST A REQUEST, you have to enter a request for job that you should get a job in which you can do data entry / copy paste, you write here, about 1000 words will be charged about 2-5 dollars if the project Grow up Meaning of 1000 page, if you take page at 0.50 dollar, you will also get 65 * 0.50 = 32500 which will be a great deal.

How to get paid-

Friends, when you place a request for a job, you will need a job, you will have to talk to them. You have to talk to them that you can do some kind of work, together with the client, how they want to work, then your deal Send any payment made to the client and send it to the client who is very seated, you will find options in the box and your client will pay you,
This payment will be safe with fiverr. Now you have to deliver delivery in the stipulated time and after that the client will get your delivery grace, then the payment will be a = save in your fiverr account where you can get the help of paypal with your bank account. |
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